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 COASTAL PACIFIC Operating days: 29 SEPT 2022 – 01 February 2023 Thursday to Sunday | 02 February - 30th April 2023 7 days a week  | 21 SEPT 2023 - 29 April 2024 Thursday to Sunday
NOT OPERATING :01 MAY 2023 - 20 SEPT 2023 | 29 APRIL 2024 - 01 JULY 2024 
NORTHERN EXPLORER Operating days: Northbound (Wednesday, Friday & Sunday) | Southbound (Monday, Thursday & Saturday)
TRANZ ALPINE Operating days: 14 JAN 22 – 24 DEC 22 Friday to Monday | 26 DEC 22 – 30 APRIL 23 7 days a week | 28 APRIL 2023 - 28 SEPT 2023 Friday to Monday | 29 SEPT 2023 - 6 MAY 2024 7 days a week | 10 MAY 2024 - 30 JUNE 2024 Friday to Monday
 Face masks are no longer mandatory on any of these train services Northern Explorer, Coastal Pacific, and Tranz Alpine trains. However, we do recommend you continue wearing facemasks for your own safety while moving around the train. On-board crews will continue to wear facemasks for the time being.


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Scenic Flexi Pass

Scenic Flexi Pass

  • Scenic Flexi Pass consists of a 7 Day Scenic Rail Pass in 2 Months and a 60 Hour Intercity Bus/Coach/Ferry Pass. Includes Ferry between North and South Islands

  • Scenic Flexi Pass can be used to travel north to south or south to north.

  • Scenic Flexi Pass is suited for the independent traveller, families or small groups, who are travelling together on the same routes, to the same destinations.

  • Reservations for any train or ferry service must be made at least 24 Hours prior to travel date.

  • Reservations for any bus/coach service or sightseeing tours must be made at least 24 Hours prior to travel date.

  • Reservations can be made by contacting us.

  • If you run out of bus/coach travel ‘Hours’, you can top up your coach travel pass with additional travel ‘Hours’ which are available in 3 or 10 ‘Hour’ lots. 

  • RailBus Scenic Passes are valid for travel from from 23 September 2022 to31 March 2023

  • All prices are per person as each traveller needs his or her own pass

Scenic Flexi Pass

7 Train Days

60 Bus Hours

  • Adult: NZ$1817.00
  • Child: NZ$1517.00

Fare Type
Pass Validity
RailBus Pass (Scenic Flexi Pass)
30 Sep 2022 to 31 Mar 2023